Hygienization as a basis for modern dental treatment

The goal of modern dental treatment is to achieve excellent and predictable health and aesthetic outcomes, but above all, to maintain them over time. We have access to increasingly advanced technology and equipment - scanners, 3D printers, digital treatment planning, innovative composite materials, but in reality, all dental problems (well, maybe except orthodontic ones) have been arising for thousands of years from the same thing... The biggest enemy of our teeth is dental plaque, which is a sticky layer of pathological bacteria mixed with saliva proteins and food residues. It forms just a few hours after brushing your teeth and creates a layer that adheres closely to their surface. The consequences of inadequate cleaning are dental calculus, caries, and pathologies around fillings, implant disintegration, etc. No prosthetic work performed has a chance of long-term maintenance in such an infected environment.

Regular hygiene treatments (scaling - removal of dental tartar, sandblasting and teeth sealing with special preparations) allow for "servicing" teeth and all fillings. If you attend professional cleaning every six months, all potential irregularities will be caught before their consequences appear.

And most importantly! Our hygienists will show you what and how to improve, so that your daily oral hygiene is perfect, and that's ¾ of the treatment success.

Innovative approach to hygiene procedures

There is no stagnation in our Clinic, and prevention is the pillar of our activity. We use the latest achievements in medicine and technology, and we constantly update our knowledge.

We use devices that others are still dreaming about. We are the first to test new products among toothbrushes, toothpastes, liquids, dental floss or other daily hygiene tools, and the companies that produce them are our partners.

If there's a new product on the market, we know about it before it even goes on sale!

Currently, as the first Clinic in Poznań, we have introduced the most innovative tool for patient information and motivation - BOB Score, which shows the current state of oral hygiene in the application, assesses progress, and all tips from hygienists and instructional materials are included in the email.

Modern dental tartar removal

If we were to compare hygiene treatments to the automotive industry, our hygienists take Patients for a ride in a top-class Mercedes! The equipment we work on is the ultra-modern Air Flow Prophylaxis Master from the Swiss company EMS. In the field of scaling and sandblasting, there is nothing more innovative than the GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) protocol. Thanks to it, what is already a global trend becomes achievable, namely moving away from invasive cleaning, polishing or damaging tissues, and focusing on maintaining the natural structure of the enamel.

The use of such technology allows for non-invasive treatment of gum or periodontal inflammations, bypassing surgical procedures. An undeniable plus for patients is also the possibility of repeating treatments much more frequently than before, thanks to which we maintain the perfect aesthetics of the smile. The procedure itself is more of a care and SPA for teeth than the stone removal you remember from years ago...

Scaling and sandblasting teeth in a modern version

Advantages of Air Flow Prophylaxis Master

If we were to sum up the advantages of Air Flow Prophylaxis Master in a few words, they would be:

  • ultra-delicacy
  • heated water
  • zero discomfort even for the most demanding patients (including children, seniors, or pregnant women)
  • pleasure of the procedure
  • elimination of abrasive pastes
  • a strip with the taste and consistency of powdered sugar

Experienced and competent staff

What associations do you have with the word hygienist?

If not the best (school times...), it's high time to change that. All over the world, including Poland, the profession of dental hygienist is currently gaining enormous prestige. In some countries, it is even considered an elite occupation. All the hygienists at Kwiatek Clinic could successfully and confidently stand alongside hygienists from Switzerland or the United States. We have the skills, knowledge and hunger for continuous learning, competence to work with patients, and even certain psychological abilities.

Our team of hygienists is exclusively expanded by individuals who have completed a cycle of internal training preparing them to work with patients. Each person who already performs procedures also has extensive experience as a dental assistant, so - working hand in hand with the doctor, they see the problems that occur in the oral cavity, distinguish the norm from pathology and themselves catch the need for specialist consultation.

We are not afraid of challenges and novelties in dentistry and we are eager to use them (computer tomography, intraoral scanners, working in magnification). We know that the world is moving forward and we try to keep up with it.
In addition, we show hygienists from all over Poland how beautiful this profession can be and we reveal our secrets by running the largest industry fanpage on Facebook "higienistki.pl". For those thirsty for additional knowledge, we also started a blog "higienistka.pl", where valuable content for our profession regularly appears.

Meet our team of experienced hygienists who will take care of almost non-invasive removal of tartar and deposits (scaling and sandblasting)

Constant expansion of knowledge

There isn't a month in our Clinic without an external training for hygienists, nor a week without internal trainings.

The best trainers from all over Poland regularly visit us, showing us how to further improve our daily work and how to introduce new innovative elements into it. We host the most well-known faces of Polish dental prophylaxis.

Each of us systematically expands our knowledge by participating in webinars, off-site trainings or fairs. We are present at every important event in the dental hygiene industry, such as the CEDE fair, Asysdent or the conference of the Polish Academy of Dental Prophylaxis.

We immediately share the acquired knowledge with the other hygienists from our Clinic, or we discuss cases, organizing internal trainings, because we believe that only a well-coordinated team, speaking with one voice, is able to perfectly guide our Patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hygienization?

Hygienization is a preventive - therapeutic procedure. It's not just about cleaning teeth and making them smooth and shiny, but primarily about the health benefits for the Patient.

The GBT protocol procedure consists of two stages:

  • scaling
  • sandblasting

After the procedure, teeth regain their natural smoothness and color.

What does scaling involve and why is it necessary?

Scaling - involves the removal of dental plaque deposits from above and below the gum line. This is most often done using ultrasound. Plaque accumulates both around the patient's own teeth and prosthetic restorations. It is a mineralized dental plaque rich in bacteria, and its presence often causes bad breath and an unattractive appearance of teeth. Removing dental plaque is an integral part of maintaining oral health and gum health. Plaque deposits accumulating in the oral cavity can contribute to the occurrence of gum inflammation, loosening of the tooth-bone connection, and consequently tooth mobility (periodontitis).

Importantly, not removing dental plaque can also have much more serious consequences. It has been proven that professional, regularly performed scaling reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

What is teeth sandblasting and what are its benefits?

Sandblasting - is the removal of dental deposits from all surfaces. It is a completely painless procedure that allows you to get rid of discolorations resulting from eating and drinking, as well as from smoking cigarettes. Importantly, along with the dental deposit, the Patient also gets rid of the bacterial biofilm, and on the smoothed teeth, further deposits accumulate more difficultly. After the procedure, the teeth are shiny and noticeably brightened.

How to strengthen teeth after a procedure?

To alleviate post-treatment sensitivity, strengthen teeth and remineralize them, a procedure called fluoridation is usually performed, which involves coating the teeth with a fluoride preparation.

How often should hygiene procedures be performed?

It is recommended to perform scaling and sandblasting once every six months. During the visit, the hygienist also conducts a hygiene instruction and assists in individually selecting products for daily oral hygiene.

What technique is used to perform the procedures?

Hygiene procedures in our Clinic are carried out in accordance with the most modern standards (GBT protocol - Guided Biofilm Therapy) using the AirFlow Prophylaxis Master device, which allows them to be performed in an extremely gentle manner. Thanks to this, we are able to provide the Patient with the highest comfort.

This is what our Patients say about us

Price list - hygiene treatments

Below we present the price list for hygiene procedures performed at our clinic in Poznań.

Hygienization procedures

Professional prophylaxis and hygiene procedures are performed maintaining the highest standards, using the unique Air - Flow Master Piezon technology, ensuring the highest comfort and precision of treatments.

Professional Patient Hygienization 390 zł

The procedure includes the removal of dental calculus and deposits (scaling and sandblasting), using the ultra-modern Air Flow Prophylaxis Master, performed according to the Swiss GBT protocol with teeth protection by varnishing or fluoridation.

The procedure lasts about 1 hour.

In some clinical situations, it may be necessary to perform a second full-fee hygiene procedure in a short period of time (to avoid the risk of bacteremia and remove all deposits).

Oral Hygiene Training 150 zł

Individual selection of both instruments and preparations for daily oral hygiene, along with teaching their proper use.

Comprehensive teeth whitening with PHILIPS ZOOM lamp 1 700 zł

A procedure that combines the in-office method with the overlay one. Such a compilation allows for achieving the best aesthetic effects using the gentlest PHILIPS preparation.

Blanc One CLICK Whitening 350 zł

Refreshing the colour of teeth immediately after a hygiene treatment. Innovative technology that allows you to achieve a whiter smile in a quarter of an hour - without hypersensitivity and without a white diet after the procedure.

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