Beautiful white teeth are one of the most important elements of our image. It has been proven that in interpersonal relationships, a smile plays an incredibly important role, as well as gives us self-confidence. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer of a professional teeth whitening treatment, one of the most effective methods used worldwide.

The enamel wears down daily as a result of chewing food. This leads to the formation of micro-cracks, in which deposits and pigments accumulate. The result is that the teeth take on a darker shade and become dull. The purpose of teeth whitening treatment is to improve their shade, thanks to which we achieve a healthy smile and self-confidence.

The causes of discoloration include:

  • drinking coffee and tea,
  • smoking cigarettes,
  • drinking red wine and carbonated beverages
  • consuming certain products such as vegetables or fruits of a dark color.

Teeth Whitening Methods

In our dental clinic in Poznań, we perform professional teeth whitening with the latest Philips Zoom system, which has gained great recognition among both dentists and patients themselves.

The teeth whitening method we use is completely safe, and the whitening agent itself meets the current, rigorous European Union standards for such substances.

The effect of teeth being several shades whiter can be achieved in a very short time - your teeth can shine after just one visit to the dental clinic. Professional whitening restores a beautiful smile, reducing discoloration associated with diet, age, or medication. It should be remembered that whitening only works on natural teeth.

How does the teeth whitening process proceed?

The teeth whitening procedure consists of two stages. The first one is performed in our Clinic in Poznań and involves the use of a special gel and exposure to a Philips Zoom lamp that generates the appropriate light beam. The second stage of the whitening process takes place at the patient's home using the tray method.

Stage 1: Teeth Whitening with Philips Zoom Lamp

The process begins with qualifying the teeth for the procedure. The dentist assesses the condition of the dentition and decides whether the patient can undergo the teeth whitening process or whether it will be necessary to remove deposits from the surface of the teeth beforehand. Directly before teeth whitening, we protect the soft tissues - including the gums, from contact with the gel containing hydrogen peroxide. In four 15-minute cycles, the whitening gel - applied to the dental arches - is heated and activated by a special lamp, which allows it to penetrate deep into the tooth tissues. A chemical process then occurs, causing the chains of coloring substances to change into colorless compounds. The procedure allows for the whitening of teeth by several shades in a single visit. At the end, the patient receives a special gel that helps protect the enamel and reduces tooth sensitivity.

teeth whitening using a bleaching gel - with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide - on teeth before irradiation with use

Stage 2: Overlay Teeth Whitening

Overlay whitening strengthens and consolidates the effect of in-office whitening. During a visit to our dental office, impressions or intraoral scans are taken, based on which individual trays for the Patient are made. Along with them, the patient receives a whitening gel and is instructed on how to use it independently at home. In practice, it is recommended to use the trays overnight for a period of 6 - 12 days after the teeth whitening procedure in the dental office.

During their wear and for the next two weeks, it is necessary to follow the so-called white diet, i.e., to give up drinks and foods containing dyes (coffee, tea, red wine) and smoking cigarettes. Thanks to this, the effect of the teeth whitening procedure will last longer.

Phillips Zoom NiteWhite teeth whitening procedure kit

What sensations accompany the teeth whitening procedure?

Professional teeth whitening using the Philips Zoom method is completely painless. The low concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the gel limits unpleasant sensations during and after the procedure. However, there may be a temporary hypersensitivity of the teeth, which usually subsides within 24 hours. To limit tooth sensitivity, the patient receives recommendations on how to prevent it during the visit, as well as dedicated soothing agents.

Teeth Whitening Poznań - teeth whitening procedure

What should you know before teeth whitening procedure?

Indications, contraindications, and post-procedure recommendations are presented to the patient during the hygiene visit (teeth cleaning - scaling and sandblasting), preceding the whitening procedure itself.

Contraindications for teeth whitening

The contraindications that prevent a patient from using the Philips Zoom method include:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,

  • caries, which has penetrated deeply into the tooth structure,

  • periodontal diseases,

  • periodontitis,

  • inflammatory conditions of the gums,

  • tooth sensitivity,

  • allergies to the components of the gel,

  • oral injuries such as aphthae, herpes, and ulcers,

  • weakened body due to the treatment of severe diseases,

  • taking certain medications or iron supplements,

  • wearing orthodontic braces.

teeth whitening to remove the effects of smoking cigarettes

How long do the effects of whitening last?

The achieved result can last for about 2 years after the procedure. This depends on the structure of the tooth tissues, their construction and susceptibility, as well as dietary habits (e.g. drinking coffee, tea). In order to maintain the teeth whitening effect for as long as possible, one should also regularly take care of oral hygiene. However, once whitened, teeth will always retain a brighter shade.

teeth whitening - a healthy smile without dental tartar

Teeth Whitening Resembling

For patients who have already undergone teeth whitening using the Philips Zoom method and only want to refresh its effect, we offer reminder whitening. It is recommended to perform it at least a year after the procedure. This is overlay whitening carried out depending on the patient's expectations for 9, 18 or 27 days. Thanks to this - with the correct conduct of reminder whitening - teeth will remain white for several years.

teeth whitening - a healthy smile as a result of tray whitening

And when you just want to gently brighten your teeth or refresh their color...

BlancOne Click System

For Patients who want to achieve immediate teeth whitening, we offer a NOVELTY - BlancOne Click System. It is an effective, quick whitening that is performed during a hygiene treatment. The patient stays in the chair a little longer, and the hygienist performs a procedure to refresh the color of the teeth by several tones. The effect lasts for about 2-3 months, and the procedure itself does not cause post-treatment hypersensitivity. A white diet should be maintained only one day after the procedure.


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Teeth Whitening - Price

Below we present the price list for hygiene procedures. The prices for other services are presented on the Price List page, or on the subpages of specific services.

Hygienization procedures

Professional prophylaxis and hygiene procedures are performed maintaining the highest standards, using the unique Air - Flow Master Piezon technology, ensuring the highest comfort and precision of treatments.

Professional Patient Hygienization 390 zł

The procedure includes the removal of dental calculus and deposits (scaling and sandblasting), using the ultra-modern Air Flow Prophylaxis Master, performed according to the Swiss GBT protocol with teeth protection by varnishing or fluoridation.

The procedure lasts about 1 hour.

In some clinical situations, it may be necessary to perform a second full-fee hygiene procedure in a short period of time (to avoid the risk of bacteremia and remove all deposits).

Oral Hygiene Training 150 zł

Individual selection of both instruments and preparations for daily oral hygiene, along with teaching their proper use.

Comprehensive teeth whitening with PHILIPS ZOOM lamp 1 700 zł

A procedure that combines the in-office method with the overlay one. Such a compilation allows for achieving the best aesthetic effects using the gentlest PHILIPS preparation.

Blanc One CLICK Whitening 350 zł

Refreshing the colour of teeth immediately after a hygiene treatment. Innovative technology that allows you to achieve a whiter smile in a quarter of an hour - without hypersensitivity and without a white diet after the procedure.

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