Conservative Dentistry at Kwiatek Clinic

The task of general dentistry is to prevent tooth decay and effectively treat teeth attacked by caries, in order to extend their lifespan and maintain a natural appearance. General dentistry also involves the reconstruction of tooth tissues using composite fillings or fiberglass.
Tooth decay is a common oral disease and can occur even in very small children.
The causes of tooth decay are the presence of bacteria in dental plaque, which results from improper oral hygiene and a poor diet.

If left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss and be the beginning of more serious diseases, and moreover, as an infectious disease, it can spread to neighboring teeth. Therefore, it is very important to detect tooth decay at an early stage of its development.

Detailed dental examination (dental check-up)

A preventive check-up visit is one of the most important activities in maintaining a beautiful smile.

Preventive measures - before symptoms occur - not only maintain oral health, but also protect against often complicated and costly treatment.

Dental check-ups should be performed every 6 months, additionally, following the US prevention model, a panoramic image should be taken every 2 years, allowing a full view of the dentition.

Remember that preventing disease, not treating it, is the key to a beautiful and healthy smile!

Composite Fillings

Technology in the world around us is changing day by day. The technological revolution also does not bypass dentistry, in which changes are particularly dynamic.

Thanks to the use of nanotechnology, the latest fillings are much more durable, tight, and more aesthetic than a few years ago. In our office, we work only with the best available nanocomposite materials from the Japanese company Tokuyama (Estelite), American 3M, or Italian Micerium (Enamel) - providing unbeatable quality and aesthetics.

Our composite fillings are of the highest quality - we offer a 24-month warranty on each of them.

Tooth reconstruction with glass fiber

Can a broken tooth still be saved? If its root is properly endodontically treated (root canal) - using modern solutions, we can do it in one visit!

The whole procedure involves placing a specially prepared glass fiber reinforced with zirconium oxide inside the root. Unlike metal inserts, glass fibers are transparent, much more durable and light-permeable - on the one hand, they provide excellent reinforcement for future reconstruction, and on the other - excellent aesthetics.

Thanks to this solution, a tooth can be rebuilt in a short time. Such a reconstruction is non-invasive, fast and allows you to enjoy a complete smile without having to give up professional or social life during the treatment process.

By combining a modern glass fiber insert reinforced with zirconium oxide with a filling produced in nanocomposite technology, an effect can be achieved that will not allow the rebuilt tooth to be distinguished from the neighboring teeth.

Microscope treatment

Not so long ago, the lack of developed technology and the availability of appropriate equipment for treatment meant that a tooth with inflammation or pulp damage was qualified for removal. Currently, advanced technology - mainly thanks to the use of a microscope - allows saving most of such cases in a painless and safe way for the patient.

The microscope was adapted and applied in dentistry relatively recently. The main benefits of using a microscope come from magnification and illumination of the surgical field.

The microscope helps, among other things, in:

  • identification of previously undetectable structures,
  • conducting treatment of curved or blocked canals,
  • finding extra root canals,
  • removal of old fillings and root inserts,
  • removal of broken tools,
  • closure of chamber or root perforations.

Procedures using a microscope allow for effective treatment of even very narrow canals, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. In our clinic, root canal treatment is performed in comfortable, painless conditions.

Thanks to modern devices that give the dentist a full picture of the patient's clinical condition, most root canal treatments under a microscope take place during one visit, while traditional procedures without a microscope are conducted over 2-3 visits. Single-visit endodontic treatment is safer, more comfortable, and saves the patient's time on multiple visits.

We encourage you to use our services. We offer the most effective and modern treatment methods in the field of general dentistry, endodontics, implantology, and implant prosthetics.


Price List

Conservative (General) Dentistry

Initial dental consultation 250 zł

The time when we get to know the Patient thoroughly, determine the therapeutic needs, establish the chronology of treatment and its scope.

Detailed dental examination 100 zł

Therapeutic dressing made of glass ionomer material 250 zł

When immediate reconstruction is not possible due to medical reasons, this dressing protects the tooth for a period of up to 6 months.

Estelite nanocomposite filling (commonly known as dental filling) 350 - 900 zł

In our Clinic, we use the best available nanocomposite materials - Estelite, ensuring uncompromising quality and aesthetics.

small filling 350 zł
average filling 510 zł
large filling 660 zł
tooth reconstruction 900 zł

Composite remodeling of teeth 1 point - 800 zł

Flow injection 1 pt - 800 zł

Diagnostic Models 200 zł

Essential for bite analysis - necessary for planning prosthetic works, implant treatment, orthodontic treatment, preparation of surgical templates.

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