Education and academic degrees

specialist training in dental surgery Military Specialist Medical Clinic SP ZOZ in Poznan
2007 - 2012.
Dentist Karol Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznan

Conferences and scientific trips

Annual course on the most advanced and innovative surgical and implant techniques used in oral area. The course under the supervision of the most famous Polish surgeon, Radosław Jadach. Academy of Oral Surgery, Wroclaw
4 - 5.02.2022
"Independent design of templates using programs for full planning of implantology procedures and digital processing of 3D models" Wroclaw
December 12, 2021
"Radiological Protection of the Patient" Wolsztyn
December 3, 2021
"Emergency medical procedures in the dental office" Wroclaw
4th September 2021.
"Laser - Modern Treatment in Practice" Piaseczno
18 - 19.09.2020
"Soft Tissue Management in Implant Treatment" by Prof. Małgorzata Pietruska Bialystok
January 19, 2020
"Emergency situations in the dental office. Principles of first aid in the dental office, intravenous access, resuscitation procedures"
7th November, 2019
"Biological Bone Augmentation - Where are the Limits" by Dr. Frank Zastrow Krakow
Alpha Bio Poland Scientific Conference Highest Standards of Modern Implantology Iława
"Preparation and Application of Platelet-Rich Fibrin PRF" Congress of the Polish Dental Union Poznan
March 8-9, 2019.
"Regeneration and augmentation procedures of hard and soft tissues, including access techniques" Poznan
"Between Tradition and Innovation: Aesthetic and Functional Challenges in Planning and Performing Prosthetic Restorations" by Dr. Mauro Fradeani Jachranka
"Stabilization of hard and soft tissues around the implant. Procedures, mistakes, complications." Jachranka
February 16, 2018
"Microsurgical root apex resection" Warsaw
February 10, 2018
"Dental Digital Photography"
November 18, 2017
"Digital implantology, i.e. a procedure using a surgical template with immediate loading" Lodz
November 17, 2017
"Aesthetic failures in shaping soft tissues around the implant: prevention and treatment" prof. Giovanni Zucchelli Jachranka
November 17, 2017
"The procedure of processing patient's own teeth into augmentat" by Prof. Jose Luis Calvo Guirado Jachranka
"Psychology of establishing a comprehensive treatment plan with the patient" Poznan
May 2, 2017
Alpha Bio Implantology Conference

Current reasearch being conducted

Non-standard use of surgical templates - for resection, implant removal, sinus lifting
Comparative study of the application of full arch reconstruction technique using 4 and 6 implants and permanent restoration - 1,2,3,4,5 year observations
Long-term observations of the effectiveness of maxillary sinus lift using hydrostatic pressure with immediate implantation.
Assessment of bone level in the case of immediate implantation with augmentation and without within the tooth socket.
Comparison of treatment results using standard implantation, implantation with a healing screw, PMMA temporary crown, composite temporary crown.
Immediate Implantation using the "Socket Shield" technique - 3-year observations, PINK score at a 3-year interval
Comparison of implant planning effectiveness versus the final position of the implant using a surgical template
Bone reconstruction using PTFE membranes reinforced with a titanium mesh, attached directly to the implant
Periimplantitis - treatment according to KK standard - use of Airflow Prophylaxis Master, PRF membrane, change of connector to zirconia
Comparison of bone substitute materials in the Sinus Lift procedure using the closed method (without the use of material, only PRF membrane, Cerabone, The Graft, lyophilized allogeneic bone, frozen allogeneic bone from a bone bank).
Comparison of indicators for assessing jaw width using computed tomography (CBCT) and intraoral scans (STL models).
Application of corticotomy method in supporting orthodontic treatment with the overlay system (CA).
Electronic foil vs traditional foil - how to use the Occlusense device or T scan.
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