Non-invasive dental laser

The use of diode laser in dentistry allows for the execution of complex dental procedures with greater precision. Most of them are non-invasive, and patients do not experience as much stress as with traditional procedures.

The laser used in our Clinic is a modern solution for performing precise hemostatic incisions, controlled coagulation and tissue evaporation.

Treatment with the use of a laser is significantly shorter and more effective. The light of the biostimulating laser positively affects microcirculation and accelerates the regeneration and healing of tissues, thereby minimizing bleeding and swelling. This allows the patient to return to normal functioning more quickly.

Biostimulation uses low-power laser radiation. The biostimulating laser finds wide application in dentistry. It is used in conservative dentistry, endodontics, periodontology, surgery. It is also used for teeth whitening, laser biostimulation, photoactive disinfection and treatment of aphthae and herpes.

Laser in Surgery

In surgical procedures, the radiation of the laser stimulates the activity of mitochondria inside the cell and accelerates its metabolism. This translates into faster healing and reduces pain after the procedure in the patient and ensures a reduction in the patient's psychological discomfort during the procedure.

Laser frenectomy of the upper lip or tongue

We perform the frenectomy procedure without the use of a standard scalpel in just a few minutes. Thanks to the precision of the laser, there is no need to stitch tissues, and the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and is completely painless. Ideal for our youngest patients. Less stress for both the child and parents.

Not only children are qualified for the frenectomy procedure. In adults, after a well-established diagnosis, with the help of laser therapy, it is possible to eliminate the problem of unclear speech or the insertion and removal of dental prostheses.

Teeth Whitening with LASOTRONIX Laser

Depending on the needs, we can whiten both arches or individual teeth. This is a quick and safe in-office whitening method that allows for lightening the teeth by several shades during a single visit with immediate alleviation of post-treatment sensitivity.

After laser teeth whitening, there is no need to continue whitening with trays. Thanks to the biostimulative capabilities of the laser, after whitening, the teeth are protected from sensitivity, and the Patient can enjoy a beautiful, white smile without discomfort.

For the best maintenance of the effect, it is recommended to follow a white diet for 2 weeks after the procedure.

Photodynamic disinfection (PAD) of gum pockets, treatment of inflammatory conditions around implants and tooth sensitivity

Laser therapy is an alternative to local antibiotic therapy when gum inflammation occurs around a natural tooth or implant. It involves applying a dedicated antiseptic preparation to the inflamed area and illuminating it with safe light produced by diode lasers. Most often, just one treatment effectively eliminates 99.99% of bacteria responsible for tissue destruction.

Laser treatment is also a quick, simple, and effective way to alleviate the problem of tooth hypersensitivity caused by exposed dentin (e.g., tooth neck) or insufficient protective function of enamel. The laser helps wherever daily functioning is hindered by the occurrence of tooth pain reactions to cold, heat, or acidic drinks and foods. The procedure is painless, and does not impose any restrictions.

Total elimination of hypersensitivity is achieved after 3 treatments. The duration of the effect depends on the individual predispositions of the Patient and it is difficult to assess it unequivocally.

Laser treatment for herpes or aphthous ulcer

The discomfort caused by the appearance of aphthae in the oral cavity or herpes often hinders daily functioning, and long-term pharmacological treatment is burdensome and does not always bring quick relief. Treatment using safe diode laser light involves photoactive disinfection of the diseased area and biostimulation of surrounding tissues to effectively support the healing process.

Laser therapy in dentistry

Laser therapy is an increasingly chosen treatment method by patients. Thanks to appropriate technologies, it can be used to develop hard tooth tissues, as well as to perform procedures on soft tissues. The use of lasers in numerous dental procedures has many advantages.

  • Laser biostimulation reduces the risk of infection;
  • Laser treatment supports cell regeneration processes;
  • The use of lasers in surgical procedures ensures reduced scarring;
  • The use of a laser can assist in the removal of caries-altered tissues.
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