Immediate implantation

What is immediate implantation?

Unlike traditional implantation, we do not wait for the tooth socket to heal (which would take from 3 to 6 months) after the removal of a tooth or teeth. The implant, along with a temporary crown or healing screw, is placed during one procedure.

This is one of the most advanced forms of implantation - allowing the restoration of the aesthetic function of the tooth during a single visit.

Is this a verified procedure?

Immediate implantation is a standard procedure worldwide, based on dozens of scientific studies confirming its long-term effectiveness.

This method is successfully used for both single tooth gaps and full arch restorations.

At Kwiatek Clinic, thanks to having our own prosthetic laboratory, we are able to make temporary crowns and bridges just a few dozen minutes after implantation - during a single patient visit.

What is the difference between immediate and traditional implantation? Isn't it better to wait for the site of the removed tooth to heal?

If possible, immediate implantation should always be the treatment of choice. This is due to the fact that:

  1. it allows for the preservation of the shape of the dental process, preventing bone loss and tissue damage.

  2. it allows for the restoration of the function of the tooth, preventing tilting and shifting of adjacent teeth.

  3. it accelerates healing - the wound after removal is tightly closed with a temporary crown, protecting the tissues below.


The temporary crown acts like a "cork" sealing the entrance to the wound - preventing food residues from entering. The wound heals faster, causing much less postoperative discomfort.

Thanks to immediate implantation, we reduce the number of necessary visits leading to the final tooth reconstruction by even 50%

Is immediate implantation more unpleasant than traditional one?

On the contrary! Thanks to faster and better healing, we reduce the number of surgical procedures, administered anesthetics, and additional medications - which collectively results in much greater comfort and patient satisfaction with the course of treatment.

Can you smile normally after immediate implantation? Will the temporary crown be aesthetic?

All temporary crowns made in our laboratory are milled from PMMA materials with a composite and ceramic additive.

These are highly aesthetic materials that perfectly mimic the patient's own teeth. Their difference lies in their lower hardness compared to the final work (this allows for implant protection in case of excessive load).

Answering the question - YES, temporary crowns perfectly restore the aesthetic function of teeth.


What is the time needed for a full healing of the implant and the placement of the final crowns?

The time needed for the implant to fully integrate with the bone (the so-called osteointegration process) is a period of 3 months. After this time, we can perform the final work.

How long can I use a temporary dental work?

Temporary work can be used significantly longer than 3 months. Perfectly polished and prepared in our laboratory, it can serve the patient for even 12 months.

It is important to plan the entire process with the attending physician and regularly attend scheduled check-ups.

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