Education and academic degrees

Masters University of Bologna Direction: Management of soft tissues around teeth and implants
2007 - 2012.
Dentist Karol Marcinkowski Medical University in Poznan
2004 - 2005.
Masters Quinnipiac University, Connecticut, USA Direction: Molecular Cell Biology
2000 - 2004.
Bachelors Quinnipiac University, Connecticut, USA Direction: Microbiology/Biotechnology
1996 - 2000.
Brien McMahon High School, Connecticut, USA

Scientific publications

The Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Technique in Periodontal Diagnostics: A Systematic Review. J.Clin.Med 2021,10, 1189
Evaluating the diagnostic potential of saliva in relation to periodontal disease and changes occurring within the endothelium. Dental Forum. 2017: Vol. 45, no. 1, p. 21-25
Developmental Morphology and Site Specificity of Oligacanthorhynchus microcephalus (Rudolphi, 1819) Schmidt, 1972 (Acanthocephala: Oligacanthorhynchidae) in its Definitive Host, the Virginia Opossum (Didelphis virginiana), Journal of Comparative Parasitology, pg(s) 20–22
A 10-year Data Analysis of Lymphatic System Metastasis and Recurrence in Individuals Affected by Malignant Tumors within the Oral Cavity and Maxillofacial Region, Journal of Medical Science
"Chronic and Aggressive Periodontitis - microbiological, biochemical and molecular comparison" Dental and Medical Problems
The pathophysiological role of bacterial biofilms in chronic sinusitis. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2015, pp 1–6
Periodontal Status in Adult Patients with Type 1 Diabetes - Pilot Study Journal of Stomatology, 2014: Vol. 67, Suppl. 1, pg. 189-190

Conferences and scientific trips

Osteodensification - Improve the quality of your implant procedures. Create more by doing less. The Nightmare of Perimplant Papilla - congress. Italy, Bologna
Advanced Course in Ridge Augmentation, Padua, Italy Italy
2022 - 2021.
Online continuing education courses
Functional occlusion from the temporomandibular joint to smile design Dawson Academy
Co-diagnostiX, Straumann Warsaw
Practical course on maxillary sinus lift, Portugal, Porto
MEGAGEN Soft Tissue Day Warsaw
Planning, communication, preparation. Microvision Module Lodz
Strauman Lisbon Implantology Week 2016
9th International Congress of the Polish Society of Implantology PSI
"Surgery and plastic surgery of gum tissues and tissues around implants" Szczecin
EverStick® C&B glass fibers and G-aenial Universal Flo - the perfect combination
Dental News "New Horizons"
Medical course "Patient with periodontal disease in the dental office"
Medical course "Clinical aspects of dental care for pregnant women"

Current reasearch being conducted

Periodontitis in the family as a risk factor for the occurrence of periodontal diseases in the Patient.
Non-standard use of surgical templates - for resection, implant removal, sinus lifting
Comparative study of the application of full arch reconstruction technique using 4 and 6 implants and permanent restoration - 1,2,3,4,5 year observations
Long-term observations of the effectiveness of maxillary sinus lift using hydrostatic pressure with immediate implantation.
Assessment of bone level in the case of immediate implantation with augmentation and without within the tooth socket.
Comparison of treatment results using standard implantation, implantation with a healing screw, PMMA temporary crown, composite temporary crown.
Immediate Implantation using the "Socket Shield" technique - 3-year observations, PINK score at a 3-year interval
Comparison of implant planning effectiveness versus the final position of the implant using a surgical template
Bone reconstruction using PTFE membranes reinforced with a titanium mesh, attached directly to the implant
Periimplantitis - treatment according to KK standard - use of Airflow Prophylaxis Master, PRF membrane, change of connector to zirconia
Comparison of bone substitute materials in the Sinus Lift procedure using the closed method (without the use of material, only PRF membrane, Cerabone, The Graft, lyophilized allogeneic bone, frozen allogeneic bone from a bone bank).
Application of corticotomy method in supporting orthodontic treatment with the overlay system (CA).
Electronic foil vs traditional foil - how to use the Occlusense device or T scan.
Celowana terapia periimplantitis. Izolacja materiału genetycznego bakterii w poszukiwaniu źródła zakażeń okołowszczepowych.

Teaching activities

2011 - 2012.
Member of the STN at the Department of Otolaryngology of the Medical University in Poznan
2011 - 2012.
Member of the STN at the Endodontics Clinic of the Medical University in Poznań
2010 - 2011
Member of the STN at the Department of Clinical Pathomorphology at the Medical University in Poznan
2002 - 2004.
Student research experience "Biofilm and Quorum Sensing in Enterobacter cloacae and Vibrio Harveyi", Quinnipiac University, Connecticut, USA

Awards and honors

Wanda Błeńska Scholarship for excellent academic performance, 2007 - 2011.
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