Dental Monitoring

Orthodontic treatment is long, tedious, and requires sacrifices...

Are you sure?

At #KwiatekClinic we support orthodontic treatment with the #Dental Monitoring system!

This is tailor-made orthodontics!

Fewer visits, more time. More predictable treatment and contact with your doctor 24h/day.

What is the #DentalMonitoring system?

This is artificial intelligence in your smartphone that controls the progress of orthodontic treatment.

Thanks to a dedicated application and a small device called #ScanBox, you perform a dental scan when you receive the appropriate notification. If anything worries you, you can perform an additional scan whenever you want!

Artificial intelligence, along with your doctor, analyzes the results of changes since the last scan, and you receive personalized tips, such as:

  • move on to the next aligners

  • use bite blocks

  • you lost a bracket

  • contact us :)

#DentalMonitoring also analyzes your hygiene status, and every few scans a before-and-after video is available showing how your teeth are moving.

A check-up visit is scheduled only when there is a need visible after the scan analysis.

Sounds good?

And that's not all!

Is it worth it?


If you value your time and like to be informed on an ongoing basis, you will love #DentalMonitoring.

A subscription for the entire treatment period, no hidden costs, and Specialist support at your fingertips.

Travel, plan and live life to the fullest, because you have a Doctor in your smartphone.

Statistics show that #DentalMonitoring allows to reduce the frequency of orthodontic check-ups.

Virtual monitoring is the standard of modern orthodontic treatment.

The implementation of #DentalMonitoring into your treatment always takes place after individual training during a visit.

Are you already undergoing treatment with a fixed or removable brace?

No problem!

You can join at any time and start saving your time right now.

How does it work?

1/Download the DM app

Use your activation email and easily download the application to your smartphone.

2/Perform scans of your smile from anywhere!

Use ScanBoxPro to scan your smile according to a personalized treatment monitoring schedule. This unique device will help you take perfect photos every time.

3/Receive your report and follow the doctor's recommendations.

Thanks to regular scans that you send through the DentalMonitoring app, your doctor monitors the progress of your treatment and, if necessary, can contact you through the app without the hassle of scheduling a visit to the office, unless it is absolutely necessary!

4/Relax and smile!

Regardless of the type of treatment, relax. Your doctor is observing you and accompanying you on the journey to your dream smile.

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