Price List / Regulations


For imaging studies, we use the ultra-modern SIRONA - Orthophos SL 3D tomograph

Panoramic X-ray (pantomogram) 80 zł

The so-called "panoramic" complements the extraoral dental examination ("check-up"). Thanks to it, the dentist can see what is invisible to the naked eye - inflammation in the bone, decay under the filling or impacted teeth. According to global standards, it should be performed every two years.

Cephalometric radiograph 80 zł

It illustrates the facial skull in a lateral view. It shows the way of biting and the mutual arrangement of the mandible and maxilla. Helpful in diagnosing malocclusion and orthodontic treatment.

Tomography (CBCT) 150 - 270 zł

The standard in modern dental treatment - it illustrates the bone in three dimensions, allowing you to "see it from every side". CBCT is a dental variant of classic computer tomography with a significantly reduced radiation dose. In our Clinic, we use the ultra-modern SIRONA SL 3D tomograph.

CBCT of a single tooth area 150 zł
CBCT 1 arch 180 zł
CBCT 2 arches 270 zł

Conservative (General) Dentistry

Initial dental consultation 250 zł

The time when we get to know the Patient thoroughly, determine the therapeutic needs, establish the chronology of treatment and its scope.

Detailed dental examination 100 zł

Therapeutic dressing made of glass ionomer material 250 zł

When immediate reconstruction is not possible due to medical reasons, this dressing protects the tooth for a period of up to 6 months.

Estelite nanocomposite filling (commonly known as dental filling) 350 - 900 zł

In our Clinic, we use the best available nanocomposite materials - Estelite, ensuring uncompromising quality and aesthetics.

small filling 350 zł
average filling 510 zł
large filling 660 zł
tooth reconstruction 900 zł

Composite remodeling of teeth 1 point - 800 zł

Flow injection 1 pt - 800 zł

Diagnostic Models 200 zł

Essential for bite analysis - necessary for planning prosthetic works, implant treatment, orthodontic treatment, preparation of surgical templates.

Endodontics - root canal treatment

Endodontic consultation 250 zł

Root canal treatment under a microscope 1 200 - 2 450 zł

Every root canal treatment in our Clinic is performed under a microscope, securing the surgical field with a rubber dam and using the latest machine tools, which guarantee the highest precision of treatment.

Root canal treatment of a single-canal tooth 1 200 zł
Root canal treatment of a 2-canal tooth 1 600 zł
Root canal treatment of a 3-canal tooth 2 000 zł
Treatment of an additional canal 400 zł

Retreatment of root canal under microscope (Reendo) 1 500 - 2 700 zł

Retreatment requires significantly more effort from the doctor than primary treatment. Firstly, it is necessary to remove the old filling from the canal with the diameter of a pinhead, in such a way as not to damage the delicate tooth root, which will allow for precise further treatment.

Retreatment of a single-canal tooth 1 500 zł
Retreatment of a 2-canal tooth 2 000 zł
Retreatment of a 3-canal tooth 2 300 zł
Retreatment of an additional canal 400 zł

Dental Surgery

Surgical consultation 250 zł

Extraction (removal) of a permanent tooth 300 - 800 zł

A gentle and precise surgical procedure, carried out with care for the surrounding tissues.

Extraction (removal) of the wisdom tooth (third molar) 500 - 1000 zł

The procedure that is the hallmark of Kwiatek Clinic, thanks to our extensive experience, we have specialized in this field of dental surgery.

Extraction (removal) of an impacted tooth 600 - 1000 zł

A procedure involving the removal of a tooth not visible in the oral cavity, complicated due to the presence of many adjacent anatomical structures.

Root apex resection from 1 000 zł

A "last chance" medical procedure that allows to preserve the tooth after removing changes located at the root.

PRF healing accelerator preparation (price with blood collection) 350 zł

An innovative method involving the centrifugation of cells from the patient's blood, significantly accelerating healing and reducing postoperative discomfort.

Conservative treatment of mandibular fractures 1 000 - 2 000 zł

A procedure performed in the case of a jaw fracture, which involves stabilizing it and ensuring the possibility of its re-fusion.


Prosthetic Consultation 250 zł

Before undertaking prosthetic treatment, the doctor analyzes X-ray images and diagnostic models and performs a computer smile analysis. Thanks to this, they can create a DSD (Digital Smile Design) project, which shows the final effect of the treatment even before it begins.

Full-ceramic (metal-free) Emax / Lava crown 2 500 zł

A full-ceramic crown of the highest quality - cemented onto a previously prepared tooth. It strengthens its structure, and thanks to the digital design, it provides a "cinematic" aesthetics.

Digital Ceramic Veneer Emax / Lava 2 700 zł

Ultra-thin, porcelain "flakes" are applied to a minimally prepared tooth. This allows us to achieve an excellent aesthetic effect with minimal (up to 0.5 mm) interference in the patient's tissue.

Inlay/Onlay in digital CAD/CAM technology (Emax / Lava/ Amber) 1 900 zł

Full-ceramic Onlay, Inlay 1 900 zł
Composite Onlay, Inlay 1 900 zł

Temporomandibular joint/occlusion

Occlusal consultation 300 zł

Undiagnosed issues with the temporomandibular joint can lower the quality of life. However, they can be effectively combated, restoring the proper function of the joint and muscles. After conducting tests, the specialist diagnoses abnormalities and implements treatment.

Kois Deprogrammer 600 zł

Registration of occlusion after deprogramming with analysis 400 zł

CADIAX Examination 500 zł

Do you wake up with a headache? Do you suffer from tinnitus? Are your teeth wearing down or do you feel a generalized toothache? You probably haven't associated this with the malfunction of the temporomandibular joint so far. CADIAX is a completely non-invasive computer analysis that will provide an answer to this.

Sublingual RPP splint 550 zł

An individual splint that relieves tension in the temporomandibular joint. Mainly used at night, it significantly improves the quality of life in cases where the patient excessively grinds and wears down their teeth.

Occlusal elevation splint 600 zł

Control visit during splint therapy 150-200 zł

Essential visits determining the success of temporomandibular joint rehabilitation, analysis of the appropriate occlusion height and progress of treatment.


Implantology Consultation 250 zł

The most important part of implant-prosthetic treatment. Based on the CBCT examination and diagnostic models, we conduct virtually the entire procedure, guaranteeing maximum precision and safety for the Patient.

Implantation 3 000 - 4 100 zł

A modern procedure of implant placement, which is a titanium base for reconstruction using a prosthetic crown, according to a previously developed treatment plan. The healing screw, gingival margin modification, emergence profile modification are included in the price of the procedure.

Alpha Bio NEO Implant 3 000 zł
MIS C1 Implant 3 000 zł
MIS V3 Implant 3 400 zł
Straumann Implant 3 800 zł
Staumann BLX Implant "wet" SLA Activ surface 4 100 zł

Maxillary sinus floor elevation 1 500 - 2 500 zł

The procedure involves rebuilding the bone from the side of the maxillary sinus, which allows for later implantation.

The price does not include regenerative materials.

Controlled Bone Regeneration from 800 zł

The procedure involves rebuilding the bone structure, which is necessary for further implant procedures. We use bone substitute material, autologous bone, collagen membranes, PRF.

Implant Prosthetics

Overdenture prosthesis on implants 7 000 - 8 000 zł

When the use of traditional full dentures causes discomfort, the possibilities of modern implantology come to the rescue. On 2 or 4 implants, we obtain a denture fixation incomparable to traditional settling. The denture does not move, and the ability to remove it ensures the maintenance of perfect hygiene. The price refers to the prosthetic part.

Overdenture prosthesis + 2 locators 7 000 zł
Overdenture prosthesis + 4 locators 8 000 zł

Screw-retained full ceramic crown on Ti-Base (highest quality) 3 000 - 3 500 zł

Absolutely no metallic elements or translucencies. It perfectly imitates natural teeth, their structure, color
and even toning or discoloration characteristic of natural teeth.

Alpha Bio or MIS implant system 3 000 zł
Straumann Implant System 3 500 zł
Individual zirconia connector - aesthetic zone + 500 zł

Temporary crown on the implant 500 zł

Prosthetic work screwed on 4 implants (All on 4) from 30 000 zł

Work screwed onto 6 implants (All on 6) from 36,000 zł

A complete set of teeth based on 4 or 6 implants. The work consists of permanently set crowns, giving the feeling of functioning with your own teeth. The supplement is made of the highest quality materials on a zirconia substructure, permanently screwed onto special multi-units. The price refers to the prosthetic part.


Orthodontic Consultation 250 zł

Problems with malocclusion and improper teeth alignment are becoming increasingly common. Modern orthodontics is responding to this. Treatment is often multi-month, so it needs to be precisely planned. For this purpose, the doctor analyzes X-ray images, diagnostic models, and determines possible treatment paths.

Discussion of the plan 200 zł

Check-up after treatment 150 - 200 zł

Diagnostic Models 200 zł

Essential for bite analysis - necessary for planning prosthetic work, implant treatment, orthodontic treatment, preparation of surgical templates.

Fixed braces 3 000 - 5 500 zł

A proven, conventional method of treating orthodontic defects. The device consists of brackets glued to the teeth and arches based on them, used to restore the teeth to their correct position.

Classic metal braces fixed appliance (1 arch) 3 000 zł
Fixed braces with self-ligating metal brackets (1 arch) 3 500 zł
Fixed braces with classic rhodium locks (1 arch) 3 500 zł
Fixed appliance rhodium-plated self-ligating brackets (1 arch) 4 000 zł
Fixed braces with porcelain/sapphire classic brackets (1 arch) 4 000 zł
Fixed appliance with self-ligating porcelain brackets (1 arch) 4 100 - 5 500 zł

Spark / Invisalign type braces from 20 000 zł

The most innovative solution. It allows for the treatment of selected orthodontic defects through invisible overlays. It ensures maximum aesthetics and comfort throughout the entire treatment. The price given during the treatment plan is the amount for the entire treatment, including control visits.

Orthotropics from 1500 zł

Orthodontic technique, the essence of which is causal early treatment, i.e. treatment of children during the period of facial growth.

Control Visit of the Bioblock Appliance 300-400 zł
Bioblok Device Repair from 100 zł


Periodontal consultation 250 zł

Curettage 450 - 700 (1/2) zł

Tooth loss is largely caused not by decay, but by periodontal problems. Dental plaque located under the gum gradually weakens the connection between the tooth and the tooth socket, and bacteria present in subgingival deposits are particularly invasive. Deeply located dental plaque requires the intervention of a periodontist.

Closed curettage - removal of deposits without surgical intervention 450 zł
Open curettage - a surgical procedure, performed in stages 700 zł

Splinting teeth 500 zł

Loose teeth can often be saved. The first action of the doctor is to block them using technology that limits movement in the tooth socket and allows the reestablishment of the connection between the tooth and the bone.

Recession coverage 1 550 zł

Exposed tooth necks are both an aesthetic and health problem. Their covering procedure is often combined with regenerative treatments to improve the appearance of teeth and gums.

Pediatric Dentistry

Adaptation visit 200 zł

The most important dental visit of your child, which projects onto the future of dental treatment. It is about familiarizing with the doctor and the office, conducted in the form of play. The best time for an adaptive visit is the second year of life.

Initial dental consultation 250 zł

The time when we get to know the Patient precisely, determine the therapeutic needs, establish the chronology of treatment and its scope.

Filling in a milk tooth 250 - 350 zł

Caries in milk teeth progresses faster. And did you know that it is an infectious disease and can "transfer" to permanent teeth? Treatment in children also requires special delicacy and an appropriate approach to the little Patient. We meet these needs. At our place, the child chooses the color of the filling themselves, and every Superhero receives a badge for bravery!

Removal of a milk tooth 160 - 300 zł

Replacing teeth sometimes requires a minor intervention by a dentist. In our office, we get rid of the most stubborn milk teeth. We perform the procedure as gently as possible to not discourage our young patient from further treatment.

Varnishing 1 tooth / 150 zł

Fissures in molars and premolars are places of increased accumulation of dental plaque and caries formation. Sealing them with varnish reduces these processes and prevents the fissures from discoloration. Varnishing can be done up to 6 months after the tooth appears in the oral cavity.

Hygienization procedures

Professional prophylaxis and hygiene procedures are performed maintaining the highest standards, using the unique Air - Flow Master Piezon technology, ensuring the highest comfort and precision of treatments.

Professional Patient Hygienization 390 zł

The procedure includes the removal of dental calculus and deposits (scaling and sandblasting), using the ultra-modern Air Flow Prophylaxis Master, performed according to the Swiss GBT protocol with teeth protection by varnishing or fluoridation.

The procedure lasts about 1 hour.

In some clinical situations, it may be necessary to perform a second full-fee hygiene procedure in a short period of time (to avoid the risk of bacteremia and remove all deposits).

Oral Hygiene Training 150 zł

Individual selection of both instruments and preparations for daily oral hygiene, along with teaching their proper use.

Comprehensive teeth whitening with PHILIPS ZOOM lamp 1 700 zł

A procedure that combines the in-office method with the overlay one. Such a compilation allows for achieving the best aesthetic effects using the gentlest PHILIPS preparation.

Blanc One CLICK Whitening 350 zł

Refreshing the colour of teeth immediately after a hygiene treatment. Innovative technology that allows you to achieve a whiter smile in a quarter of an hour - without hypersensitivity and without a white diet after the procedure.


Infiltration anesthesia 50 zł

Standard anesthesia used in dentistry to "turn off the sensation" of external stimuli, providing comfort during therapeutic procedures in the area of a given tooth.

Conduction anesthesia 50 zł

Standard anesthesia mainly used in the treatment of lower teeth, causing the elimination of sensation in a wider range of dental and surrounding tissues.

Computer anesthesia "The Wand" 60 zł

Modern anesthesia administered by a special computer, controlling the pressure of the anesthetic fluid at the tooth itself. It ensures the absence of unpleasant sensations during the administration of the anesthesia itself.

Inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide, laughing gas) 30 min / $370 zł

A method to tame the anxiety of patients for whom just entering the office is a significant victory. Especially recommended for treating children. It involves inducing a state of semi-sleep. After a while, the patient returns to full consciousness. The procedure is completely safe, non-invasive. Before the procedure, you should not eat meals (min. 2h).

Physiotherapy in Dentistry

Physiotherapy of the stomatognathic system is an advanced support for dental treatment by restoring the proper functions and mobility of muscles, ligaments, and other structures involved in chewing, speaking, or swallowing.

Rehabilitation combined with the treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction or, for example, orthodontic procedures, can contribute to faster achievement of treatment goals or even condition the possibility of its implementation.

Manual therapies or dental massages effectively increase the comfort of life and functioning, relax the patient and improve the appearance.

In modern dentistry, the cooperation of a dentist with a physiotherapist is becoming a global standard, and in Poland, it distinguishes the best clinics.

Taping 15 minutes 50 zł

Classic face massage 30 minutes 120 zł

Lymphatic drainage 20-30 minutes 120 zł

Manual therapy 45/60 minutes 200 zł

First-time visit 45/60 minutes 150 zł

Laser Therapy

Removal of an impacted tooth with laser tissue biostimulation 800 - 1 000 zł

Laser biostimulation of tissues after surgical procedure 200 zł

Laser frenectomy of the upper lip/tongue 500 zł

Laser excision of a lesion on the mucous membrane along with a histopathological examination from 500 zł

Laser disinfection of root canals 200 zł

Laser whitening 2 000 zł

Photoactive disinfection of periodontal pockets point / 150 zł

Reducing hypersensitivity point / 50 zł

Treatment of aphthae/herpes cycle / 300 zł


Neuropsychological consultation 300 zł

Neuropsychological therapy 200 zł

Diagnostyka laboratoryjna

Morfologia krwi (pełna) 20 zł

Witamina D (25OH D3 cholekalcyferol) 80 zł

Glukoza 16 zł

Lipidogram (profil lipidowy) 40 zł

Cynk 82 zł

APTT (czas kaolinowo-kefalinowy) 20 zł

Czas protrombinowy (PT, INR) 18 zł

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