Bonding / Flow injection / Composite tooth remodelling

The enigmatic names are, in simple terms, the aesthetic reconstruction/rebuilding of teeth using composite material.

The complex nomenclature partly arises from minimally differentiated manufacturing technologies and partly from the fact that, as a novelty in the dental services market, it is referred to differently by various specialists.

What can we achieve? Bonding / Flow injection / Composite tooth remodeling allows achieving a perfect aesthetic result for the patient with relatively minimal intervention. There is no traditional grinding, as in the case of porcelain reconstruction such as crowns or veneers.

The color and shape of the tooth are perfectly matched to the patient's aesthetic needs.

How can we start? Firstly: hygiene (professional cleaning) and a detailed dental examination, checking for cavities and any other oral problems.

To qualify for Bonding / Flow injection / Composite tooth remodeling, the patient must be evaluated by a dentist.

It is often preceded by a teeth-whitening procedure.

Planning! The project is the foundation!

To achieve a satisfactory result, a wax-up, a wax model of the future teeth, is first created. Based on this, using a silicone key (index), the dentist "transfers" this shape to the patient's teeth, creating a trial reconstruction (mock-up). This allows the patient to see the future treatment result. At this stage, necessary corrections can be made, and agreements can be reached. The patient also chooses the color of the teeth.

Indications and contraindications The main indication is the patient's aesthetic needs, rebuilding worn teeth, lost incisal edges, or unifying the color and texture of teeth with multiple fillings.

These reconstructions can be successfully applied, especially in people without occlusion (bite) problems or orthodontic issues, or those who have undergone appropriate treatment.

Otherwise, such reconstruction could be damaged by excessive bite forces and/or the presence of traumatic nodes.

Bonding / Flow injection / Composite tooth remodeling cannot be applied if the teeth need treatment, or the patient is dealing with gum or periodontal inflammation.

Aesthetic reconstruction is always the final step in the patient's dental journey.

Durability of the effect Professionally done Bonding / Flow injection / Composite tooth remodeling can serve the patient for many years. It requires maintaining perfect oral hygiene at home, regular cleanings, and attending scheduled check-ups. It's important to note that composite reconstruction does not have the smoothness of porcelain used for creating crowns or veneers, so the dentist may decide on periodic gentle polishing.

Bonding / Flow injection / Composite tooth remodeling or veneers or crowns? It depends!

The treatment path depends on the patient's clinical situation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. The treatment plan is always created individually after the dentist completes a full diagnosis. In some cases, porcelain reconstruction may be the only or more appropriate option, while in others, working with composite material may be possible.





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